LIMITED PRACTICE


At the tip of my pencil is the PK nail that was set by the local City Survey Department.  The PK nail was covered with a layer of asphalt and was set at the center of the intersection by "splitting the improvements".  This is a common practice when the original monument has been destroyed or was never set.

My wife Melanie standing as "look-out" for me as I dig through 3 inches of asphalt to find the called for T-post monument.  I found it after an hour of chisel and hammer work.  I wore out the edge on my then new chisel getting to that monument.

This project involved utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) to get California Coordinate System of 1983 (CCS83) coordinates for monitoring wells. 

This image of me standing in a drainage ditch and surrounded by blackberry bushes and poison oak was on a project when I was with California State Parks.  We had a saying that; "if it didn't have poison oak then it wasn't a State Park".  All kidding aside, it was a great project to work on.
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