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Neal Scott Jones
Land Surveyor

California License No. 7986
Nevada License No. 13602
Utah License No. 346272-2201

I have been involved in surveying for over 30 years and have worked in both the private and public sectors.  I founded Jones Land Surveying in November 2004 to work with private landowners who have boundary issues and concerns.   

Land surveyors can help to resolve boundary disputes between neighbors by first reviewing all the available evidence both in writing and on the ground and forming a professional opinion as to where the boundary line actually exists.  It is well established that "what a boundary is, is a matter of law, where it is located is a matter of fact".  If the interested parties accept the opinion of the land surveyor then the interested parties can live in peace and get on with their lives.  This course of action avoids the expense and emotional trauma of trial court.  

Justice Thomas M. Cooley of the Michigan Supreme Court delivered a talk entitled: "The Judicial Functions of Surveyors" at the second meeting of the Michigan Association of Surveyors and Civil Engineers in Lansing, Michigan in January 1881.  Justice Cooley is one of the most often quoted Jurists on the subject of land surveying and boundaries in this country.  He concluded his talk with; "Surveyors are not and cannot be judicial officers, but in a great many cases they act in a quasi-judicial capacity with the acquiescence of the parties concerned; and it is important for them to know by what rules they are to be guided in the discharge of their judicial functions".  In other words, if the interested parties accept the decision of the land surveyor to the disputed line, based on his professional opinion after reviewing all the evidence both in writing and on the ground, then it is as though a judicial decision has been rendered.

If you are in a dispute with your neighbor concerning a boundary line, I would appreciate your consideration.  If you have already retained an attorney, please consider me to assist you and your counsel in recovering available boundary evidence in the matter.  I have worked with a number of  law firms and have experience as an expert witness in California. 

Business and cell phone number: 916/600-9905
Fax number: 775/832-5092

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